January 6, 2018

CURA Home Monitoring

Ninety percent of all health care occurs at home long after patients have received thoughtfully prepared care plans from their healthcare providers.  Too often these care plans are not adequately followed or adhered to because they are confusing, the demands of daily living get in the way or the patient’s health status changes and those changes go unreported. As such, health care maintenance and monitoring in the patient’s home is paramount to reducing the risks and costs of readmissions and hospitalizations as well as improving the overall quality of life for patients recovering or treating their conditions at home.

CURA’s remote health platform translates doctor prescribed patient care plans into personalized home plans using smart technology that provides real-time prompts for patients to register their vitals or take their medication. This critical information is monitored by our clinical coordination center staffed with Nurses and Medical Assistants who can connect patients with their doctors 24/7 through a HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform if a patient’s condition warrants it.

CURA’s solution differentiates in the market by integrating the latest in smart device technology and behavioral change principles to enable patients to more effectively manage their care in the convenience of their homes.