January 6, 2018

Analytics As A Service

Analytics as a Service is a fundamental CURA offering.  CURA Analytics provide the insight that identifies systemic problems within the patient population.  This could be the entire practice population, specific health status/diagnosis, or the population within a value-based contract.  Examples of systemic problems within healthcare are post-acute transitions, inappropriate use of the ER, medication failures – access, iatrogenic and polypharmacy, contraindications and even basic medication compliance, inappropriate place of service, social determinates and so on.  Once these problems are identified via data mining and analysis, root cause determinations and then interventions can be developed to reduce or eliminate the systemic failures.  The CURA team brings medical economics professionals and disparate data connectivity together to continuously search for these solvable problems that solutions can be designed around.

Once interventions have been put in place, your CURA analytics team measure on-going operational success as well as the longer-term benefit of medical cost reduction and increased quality.  This critical “analytics as a service” enables success within value-based contracts and value service organizations.

CURA analytics also provides benchmark management, practice quality reporting, attribution management, referral management, health and practice cost and revenue analysis, alternative payment model reporting (shared savings, bundled payments, full risk) and predictive / risk modeling.  Demonstrating that your system of care provides better outcomes at lower costs makes your program sought after by the payers.