January 6, 2018

Administrative Managed Services

Appointment Management

As organizations begin to move toward Value-Based Care, appointment mgmt. shifts from how many patients are being seen to which patients are being seen and yet more important which ones are not being seen.  Intersecting with the analytics function, CURA provides appointment management services.  Acting as the centralized scheduling center CURA makes sure the patients needing to see you are coordinated into the provider's office.  Working directly within an existing practice management system, CURA’s staff establishes all necessary appointments using best practices in schedule management.  CURA enables more global and efficient management of the patient’s and practice’s time as well as keeping population metric scores optimized.  Through a set of proven reminder and management technologies processes, CURA ensures patients are at the right place at the right time, prepared for their visits financially, and armed with the necessary information.  The practice benefits by expanded schedule capacity, reduction of no-show rates, late arrival reduction, and patients with the greatest need are seen.  In addition, open and/or next-day scheduling increases both access and patient satisfaction.

Authorization Management

The press of real-time patient intake significantly reduces the ability of front desk staff to properly administer verification and eligibility processes.  CURA offers a robust eligibility verification process and pre-authorization of visits outside the office patient flow.  CURA dramatically reduces insurance-related errors that creep into traditional registration and patient check out processes.  Performing these tasks ahead of time can increase accuracy, maximizes reimbursement and enhances service coordination of patient care.  It also allows time for corrective actions and enables the practice to communicate likely co-pay and patient responsibility amounts.

Billing, Collections, AR and Denials Management

CURA can handle any or all aspects of your practice's billing needs including charge data entry, payment posting, electronic and paper claim review/filing, insurance follow-up, secondary and tertiary claim filing, patient statements, appeals, patient billing questions, and collections services.  CURA’s expert medical billing team does more than just provide your practice with a fast claim turnaround, chart review assures your practice is scored highest in quality and overall cost-effectiveness.  We help guide your practice to a payors highest performance standards which result in sustainability and profitability. CURA can improve efficiency and effectiveness while increasing your profitability.

PM / EMR Optimization

CURA’s technical and process flow consultants work with your practices PM/EMR vendor to optimize the configuration for maximum operational efficiency, clinical effectiveness, and quality/risk scoring.  Key areas such as result verification and tasking support the overall CURA Optimized Practice workflows, with as much automation as possibleThe data entry time is reduced for in-office staff.  Effective deployment drives clinical consistency and helps staff focus on patient care.

Purchasing and Supply Management

CURA’s Medical Purchasing, Supply, and Inventory Management Services provides an efficient and cost-effective advantage to meet your business needs.  CURA’s Medical Purchasing, Supply and Inventory Management Services acquires merchandise through many selected suppliers to create the best possible combination of quality, service, and price to meet or exceed the needs of the individual practice as well as the Value Services Organization.  CURA Medical Purchasing and Supply Management can significantly reduce ordering and phone time while ensuring accurate, cost-effective inventory.

Marketing Services

In addition to the improved patient retention and “Net Promoter Score” our workflow and contracting expertise provides, CURA combines the strength of effective networking, marketing, and advertising with creative website design and advertising to assist practices within a Value Services Organization in driving web traffic, increasing sales conversions and delivering profitable customer relationships and return on investment (ROI).  We understand the unique challenges of healthcare marketing. Our integrated approach and years of direct response experience let us help you in developing marketing programs, websites, social networking, and venues that deliver profitable growth to the practice.

Process Improvement and Staff Management

CURA’s Management Services are tailored to you, allowing the improved financial, operational and clinical performance of your staffing activities and operating processes, eliminating unnecessary expenses and the waste of resources.  CURA develops policies and procedures, staff training and education unique to the VSO and the practices that participate.  We provide oversight via management reports that allow tracking of key performance metrics and contract success that allow providers to focus on providing patient care.   Meeting the VSO’s goals and objectives depends largely on the staffs’ performance and their ability to achieve results. CURA manages and develops employees that ensure the right people are in place and aligned with corporate objectives and achieving all business results.

Change Management Services

Healthcare is going through unprecedented disruption and realignments.  These challenges simply require a culture of nearly constant change.  Managing change within the practice is key for sustainability.  For Staff, change is hard, routines that have been in place for years or decades are constantly revised.  CURA knows how to increment these changes effectively without unneeded disruptions, positioned with both clinical and financial improvements.  CURA helps staff embrace the transformation, avoiding resistance that may lead to mistakes that could compromise the practice and value service organization’s goals.  CURA’s change management methodology not only helps ensure that the transition that you are implementing is a success, but it will also help you diagnose problems with the transition before they become a crisis.  CURA’s consultants work with the staff by sharing ideas and including them in the development of processes.  Staff feel empowered by the inclusion and decision processes enabling adoption, increased morale, and employee satisfaction.


Providers are faced with a barrage of ever-changing statutes and regulations impacting their practices and creating risk for non-compliance.  CURA provides physicians with the latest information concerning compliance related matters.  Further, CURA provides the tools to assess, plan, and execute best practices to minimize the risk associated with non-compliance.  Upon engagement, CURA consultants prepare a compliance plan and establish a process to execute that plan.  Concurrently, consultants conduct a thorough risk assessment and develop improvement strategies and actions to achieve compliance.  CURA will provide a Compliance Officer as requested to guide this important function on an on-going basis.